Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors is a one-hour feature length documentary that compiles the highlights of our six survivors' Holocaust experiences to create a collective voice for the Holocaust. But it is only the beginning. Through the research process, many details and secrets have been uncovered, many new truths revealed. It is the filmmaker's goal to continue this important research and to create additional short films to share these stories with the world. With additional funding, the possibilities are endless. What would it be like to explore the attic where young Wim was hidden, or to search for the statue of Jesus whose head turned to show Clara and Freida which way to avoid the front after they had escaped the death march?

Work has already begun on The Last Torah, a documentary short film that follows survivor, Rolf Hess' search for the Torah that his grandfather rescued from the synagogue on Kristallnacht in Malsch, Germany.

Upon completion, these films can then be packaged with additional educational materials for use in middle and high school social studies curriculums, educating and inspiring young people throughout the world.

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