Dr. Aron Wajskol

Before the War

Aron Wajskol was born November 21, 1924 in Lodz, Poland. Aron and his sister, Ada, were raised as Orthodox Jews. His father worked in a textile factory, and his grandfather was a scholar who wrote a book on the Torah. They lived in a modest apartment in a mixed, blue-collar neighborhood in Lodz. Aron was in high school when Germany invaded Poland in September 1939.

During the War

In February 1940, Aron and his family were forced into the Lodz Ghetto where they stayed for four years. In March 1944 Aron was sent by train to Czestochowa, a work camp, where Aron performed hard, manual labor. In January 1945 Aron was sent to Buchenwald as the Russians were closing in. He arrived after a six day journey in a packed cattle car with almost no food, and many people died on the journey. After a few weeks, starving and suffering through long roll calls in the freezing cold, he was sent to Berga on der Elster. Aron worked hard, removing rocks while the other prisoners dug tunnels. In the end of April, the Germans evacuated the camp as the allied troops came closer. Aron and many others were forced on a Death March where people were either killed or left to die from cold, malnutrition, and exhaustion. In desperation, Aron and his close friend, also named Aron, escaped into the forest. They were later picked up by German soldiers and sent to a collection camp called Woshtul in Kadan, Czechoslovakia where they stayed until the Russian allies arrived in May 1945.

After the War

Aron went to Fohrenwald, one of the largest DP (displaced persons) camps. In autumn 1945, Aron took a train to Bergen-Belsen, in the British zone where he was reunited with his sister, who miraculously had also survived. On his 21st birthday in 1945, they returned to Poland and settled in Szczecin to start their lives over. He eventually studied medicine in Russia and became a doctor. In 1965, he met his wife, Asia, and they moved to Toledo, Ohio in 1969. He became a doctor at the Medical College of Ohio hospital, and they had one son, Eliot, and two grandchildren. Aron died on September 13, 2017. You can read his obituary here. May his memory be a blessing.

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